The Sea Lapland String Quartet

The Sea Lapland String Quartet is a professional and vibrant string assembly whose wide repertoire consists from classical music masterpieces to children’s music. In the 2013 The Arts Council of Lapland awarded the Lapland state price to Sea Lapland String Quartet for their long term valuable work in the music scene of Lapland. Since 2014 Sea Lapland String Quartet has been working as an artistic team of Kemi City Orchestra.

Sea Lapland String Quartet was founded in 1983 to intensify the education of string instruments and increase the amounts of concerts in the Sea Lapland. Also the base of the Kemi City Orchestra is formed by the quartet members as they work as principals for the string instruments in the orchestra. They also teach in the Länsi-Pohja Music Institute. In addition to their classical music concert series, Sea Lapland String Quartet performs for example in the kindergartens, schools, retirement homes and cafés in Kemi, Tornio, Tervola and Simo. It makes over 65 concerts per year for the people of Sea Lapland to enjoy.